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Turbo I.T More than just IT

Turbo I.T are experts in all PC services and have a hand to help you every step of the way. Our list of services can be found to the rite, however, should your syptom not be there, don't worry still may be able to help. We look at all PC's and company set ups with a view to fix them. Should your system, technology requirements have given up the ghost we can dispose of it responsibly, and advise you on a future proof replacement.

However, we don't want to do that, so we do everything we can to repair and save your machine, from Disc Cleanups, virus protection, faulty discs, or new screens, we fix it all, so don't worry you're in safe hands. Our Turbo I.T technicians are fully trained in all areas of IT repair. We also operate strict privacy controls when it comes to looking after sensitive data. Email in to book Turbo I.T or give us a call!

services overview

We want to help you, when it suits you!

No matter who you are, a single user, small or large business’s or even corporate companies we have the knowhow and tools.

Turbo I.T covers everything computer related software, hardware, virus removal, back up and planning, huge gaming machines, networking and any other problems you can think of we can do. Even more want to help with anything technology related over and above, from the smallest Smartphone to the largest complex company network and setup.

Not only can we do it, we have done it before!

To Turbo I.T no query is a stupid query so please contact us and ask!

Repair, Upgrade, Personalize

No matter if your doing Business work, Video, Graphics Design or play graphics intensive games we can build and personalize you a computer or laptop for what ever purpose you need it for. We will also repair older PC's with any problems they may have and upgrade them if needed, so you can get the best and longest life for your money.

Residential and Home Office

We provide uniquely flexible IT Support Services to Small Businesses who are looking for fast responses and cost-efficiency. We can provide Small Businesses with a wide range of IT Support Services, including Wireless and Wired LAN installation and maintenance, fully managed Server Systems, Computer Support and Offsite Backups with Remote Assistance and Onsite Visits.

Small, Medium to Coperate Business

We can provide comprehensive managed services and applications that incorporate user support, network administration, virtualisation and consultation for Corporate and Enterprise Business.

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