About Turbo I.T


How Turbo I.T Evolved

Turbo I.T begun initially as private I.T support for close friends and family, with a play on words as Scott likes to compare computers like cars, i.e. Toyota Corolla to a Holden Commodore V8 (Intel Celeron vs Intel Core i7 in this example..)

This eventually grew quickly by word of mouth, this growth continued to a point where I gave up my full time I.T position at a large Food Manufacturing company in NZ to focus on Turbo I.T LTD.

My goal with Turbo I.T is to provide up-front, no smoke’n mirrors I.T Support and Advice. Quick and detailed analysis with quick resolutions being a must.

Turbo I.T is continually innovating it’s self with the latest technology and know-how.

Turbo IT

Our Vision

Turbo I.T’s Vision is to be the I.T company you think of when you have issues. We strive to improve. Customer Experience is the key.

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